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2B GREAT CO., LTD. was founded in 2012, it was originally registered as a limited partnership and was transformed into a limited liability company in 2016, with its headquarters located in Chiang Mai. Managed by Mr. Jedsada Uttarapimook and the team.

We are a small company with a strong intention and commitment to grow in this business. We are dedicated in strengthening team building, supporting the rapidly growing and diversified transportation business in Myanmar, and to ensure the customer service that no one has done in Myanmar. We will not stop our development, thus we will continue to work for the stability of our company.

Over the past few years (2016 – 2018), 2B GREAT CO., LTD. has grown tremendously. We have a great opportunity from both domestic and overseas customers to transport their goods to Myanmar, and the number of transshipment and distribution activities has increased continuously every year, which is the strength of our company that has impressed our customers and ensured our services.

We have people in the area that understand the working system and know the situation in Myanmar domestic transport well. Our transportation services are varied, from Shipping Freight and Temperature Control Freight, moreover, in the near future we will launch Freight to support the expansion of the transportation business in all channels. At present, we have three affiliated companies, namely 2BGREAT LOGISTICS CO., LTD., TKPM CO., LTD. and 2B GREAT LOGISTICS (MYANMAR) CO., LTD. In addition to shipping in Myanmar, we also have transportation in Cambodia. In the future, we are determined to move forward in the shipping industry across Asia.

Thank you to all that have been involved and have been a part with us allowing us to have a stable position in the transportation business in Myanmar. We promise to continue to develop our work effectively and to be loyal to our customers.

Company Management Team, 2B GREAT CO., LTD.


Step into leadership of cargo services in Myanmar by a commitment to excellence, quality service.


    • To operate freight service for customers more effectively by focusing on accuracy, complete with times and prices.
    • Doing business with integrity and sustainability as a reliable joint partner.
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