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My name is Saw Lukar. Previously I don’t understand about the Logistics. I do that daily,solve these problem day by day and I saw my weakness point from myself and then I try to learn my weakness point to strong point. I am happiness in these job and why I like these job, I am as much as I can do and fulfill by solve many customers and urbanites of there requirements.

My friend asked to me one question. If you become a rich man , would you continuous worked in these Logistic? And I answer to him , how much these job complicated and difficultly for me If I become a rich man I would do as much as more than I can do for my customer and urbanites requirements until I can. Therefore , the man who was called Ko Lukar would do his customer requirements and still solve these problems by his ability and intellect
until he live until he can do and finished these writing.

Mr.Saw Lukar

Managing director, 2BGREAT LOGISTICS(Myanmar) CO., LTD.

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