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First of all, I thank you for the opportunity to work here. The first time I got to this new job, I did not have the knowledge and the ability to do this profession and no experiences before, but with my brother’s invitation and trust that I can do it. Earlier I have no confidence but requires learning from the experiences from my brother. He has taught me to understand his work, that is Logistics business which is not very popular at that moment, but he oversees the benefits and importance of this business in the future. Thus, I am committed to this work with the trial of mistakes and corrections, and relying on my experiences with offhand events that leads us to this day.

Before becoming 2B GREAT, that is now known and wanted by many to become a part of, we have gone through mistakes and encountered many problems that occurred on a daily basis. These issues made us stronger every
day until we are strong enough to compete with the world and today’s advanced competition. I remembered one of my clients’ unforgettable words, "Customer is God", which in terms of the business world, his words are not wrong. I remembered his words that day, and made me learnt a lesson that applies to every customers who comes in to contact, but the ideas and attitudes that I have on the job and customers may be a bit different from his words. That is, “Committed to the truth of the work we do, and provide all services to all customers as a family with equality.” That is my motto I use in my work, no matter how hard the work or many problems with the customers we are serving. At the same time, when another customer come in to contact us and talk with us, we should pay attention and separate

the problems we encountered with the previous customer and pay close attention to the customer who comes in with a serious and calm tone. Service work is not easy to provide the best at all time, but it is not difficult if we focus on and pay attention to the work we do.

Not only the customers we serve, but also our co-workers, and everyone who works with us, we must pay equal attention in giving opinions regardless of which position he or she is in. I always respect their opinions, because it is not possible to do all things alone and we will have to depend and rely on each other because everyone is equally important on their own roles.

Finally, I would like to leave an appeal that I adhere with morals and values to this work. Logistics business is a challenging task, we have to think and be a help to customers who come in contact, we have to be patient, calm and listen carefully to what the customer needs. The target or goal is there to be hit, problems are there to be fix, and to be a lesson in the future. Customers are relatives that we have to care for with sincerely.

Miss.Juphena Penpechsak.

Company Manager 2B GREAT CO., LTD and

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