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      We can not deny that the world is spinning faster everyday, with man-made innovations again we can not deny that technology is important to changes and the freedom of movement, both for people and properties.

The above mentioned may reflects the picture of logistics activities, transferring of goods from the past to present. These
activities never stops which have been developing all the time. Noticing there are many countries that want to develop all types of transportation, maybe because these countries still lack the main factors, whether the roads, electricity, or communications.

I have seen transport business in Myanmar for over 10 years, these activities are still in my memory. Until now I have seen the non-stop of progresses which has been developing at all times. 2B GREAT COMPANY LIMITED was established as a part of this change, and we will continuously develop further to modernize this company. Today we have been providing transshipment services in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, and we are expanding in the future. We will not stop just crossing the border, but we are developing in all means of transportation by ships and by planes as well.

Thank you to all our customers who trusted us and allow 2B GREAT to take care of your products.

Jedsada Uttarapimook
Executive Advisor

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